The team has been running successful campaigns since 2012.  Here are a few things that set us apart:


  • We deliver leads that fit the size, location and market segment specifications set by our clients.
  • Our Client Relations team provides you with a detailed and interactive lead prospectus that helps you learn more about your prospect and prepares you for a face to face appointment, which we also set for you.
  • Finally, we confirm your meeting and walk-through 24 hours in advance, setting you up for your eventual bid/proposal delivery.


Some of our competitors cast a large net by sending thousands of unsolicited e-mails to contacts found via third party clearing houses. On the contrary, we take a much more traditional approach, mining and generating our leads the old fashioned way, through personal contact. We call and speak with key contacts and decision makers over the phone, qualify the leads thoroughly, and then book an on-site meeting and tour between them and our clients.


We believe that hearing voices and seeing faces builds trust and yields the greatest results, and those types of interactions are what we facilitate for our clients.

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